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The 10 Most Terrifying Things About Car Key Cutting Cost

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How to Cut Your Car Key Cutting Cost

Losing your car keys is not a good idea. Luckily, AutoZone has the technology and parts to replace your key without having to pay a dealership.

Simply bring a working key to a participating AutoZone location and an associate will match its contours using an on-site key cutting car keys machine. It's about 20% less than purchasing through a dealer.

Keys with Transponder Chips

A lot of modern cars come with key fobs that offer an element of security and comfort to the car owner. However they come at costs. In some instances, it can be quite high to replace a lost or damaged key fob. The good news is that there are options to lower the costs associated with these devices. It is much cheaper to get a spare car key now, rather than waiting until you lose the key and are faced with paying for an appointment with a locksmith or towing costs.

Since the mid-1990s the transponder chip has been a vital component of all automobiles. Its name comes from "transmitter and responder". The technology was created to counter the growing number of car thefts. In essence, the chip in a car key cuts transponder transmits signals that contain the secret password. When the key is inserted in the ignition, the antenna ring around it detects the signal. If the signal matches the password, then the engine will begin. This is important as most thieves will simply hot-wire the vehicle before driving away.

Transponder chips operate in a similar way to the microchips used in computers and cell phones. The distinction is that they don't require constant power to function. They emit a low frequency electromagnetic signal which can be identified by special detectors on the ignition cylinder and the key head.

BMW-2020-New.pngIf you're looking to get an extra car key made for Getting a new car key cut car with a transponder chip, we highly recommend that you visit your local locksmith. Most locksmiths will have a tool that can program new keys for the model and make of the vehicle you own. This is a great alternative to visiting the dealership.

It is also important to know that some stores such as AutoZone will provide key programming services. However, they often cost more than a locksmith. They achieve this because they take advantage of an "scaling effect" that occurs when the number units sold increases. In this way, they could transfer their cost savings to the consumer.

Keys with Electronics

Modern keys come with transponders or chips that connect to the vehicle whenever the key is placed in the ignition. These keys are more expensive to replace than traditional keys because they require programming that is only performed by a dealership, auto locksmith or your vehicle's manufacturer. This process can cost as much as $500 for new keys, the changing of the immobilizer's programming, and the possibility of labor costs.

The best way to cut down on cost of replacing car keys is to not require them in the first place. That means having a spare key in case you lose the original. You can buy a duplicate key from the hardware store or at a box store for between $25 to $50, depending on the kind of key.

Many people are unaware that they can buy replacement keys online at reduced prices from the manufacturer. The advantage of purchasing an original key is that it will come with the proper transponder chip. This is crucial because you won't be in a position to use an aftermarket key without having it professionally programmed.

The majority of hardware stores and box shops do not have the tools needed to program modern car key, so they can only provide basic duplication services. You can take them to a dealer or an independent auto repair shop, or a locksmith to have them replaced.

If you're planning to purchase an inexpensive key online, make sure that it's not programmed to the vehicle of someone else. You can do this by checking the key blade for chips or the cutout to see if it shows evidence of a previous key.

A key duplication machine can be bought, but it isn't an option for everyone. The equipment typically costs more than the blank keys themselves, and you'll have to cut a lot of keys in order to break even. If you're not comfortable using a vice, hand files are a more affordable alternative. But, it's not the most secure option as it may harm the electronics of the key or break the key off in the lock.

Keys with Key Fobs

Many modern vehicles come with key fobs that are remote controls to lock and unlock your vehicle and also to start the engine. These are small remote transmitters that communicate with the onboard computer of your vehicle via radio waves. These are a great convenience for drivers but can be expensive to duplicate or replace if lost.

Key fobs are more expensive than standard keys because they contain sophisticated electronics. They also need to be programmed to work with your vehicle and this can add up in price.

A new fob and key could cost as much as $300 when you lose your only functional fob. Consumer Reports claims that you can cut the cost of the new fob by as much as 50% if you buy it on the internet. Search for the right key fob for your car's model at Amazon, Walmart or an auto-parts shop. Some of these key fobs will need to be laser-cut or programmed by your local dealer. However, a lot of them can be programmed by the buyer.

Key fobs from the standard model can be replaced for a lot less than the more sophisticated models due to the fact that they don't have an embedded chip which requires reprogramming. However, they can be costly to duplicate if you have to design a template for a damaged or lost key it is less than purchasing a new key from your car dealer.

You can also cut down on key cutting costs by purchasing a new case to replace your old key fob. Batteries Plus offers a variety of shells that replace the plastic exterior of your keychain and buttons, but leave the electronics intact. These shells are a cost-effective option to update your keychain without the need to make an appointment with a dealer.

Keys for Keyless Entry

The car key fob offers numerous advantages. They let you lock and unlock your vehicle without having to search for your keys, especially when you're carrying heavy groceries or other weights in your hands. They can even assist you to open your trunk and hatch when they've got this feature built-in.

The disadvantage of these types of keys is that they tend to drain the battery which makes it difficult to use for long periods of time. Additionally, they are difficult to program, based on the model and make. Fortunately, a lot of key fobs are reprogrammable with replacements purchased from third-party suppliers like Pop-A-Lock. If you search on the internet or at your local hardware store, you will often find them at significantly less than the dealer-supplied alternatives.

If you own a standard key, duplication costs are typically very affordable and range between $10 and $15. You may also be able to purchase a replacement from your local hardware store or box chain store. Newer keys that require specialized encryption typically cost more to replace, but. These keys are usually laser-cut and sometimes called sidewinder keys, or high security keys. They have a larger shank and have less grooves carved out on the blade and must be programmed using a specific machine at the locksmith shop or dealership.

It can be expensive to replace a key with a microchip and it is usually necessary to visit the dealer to have the replacement coded. Keys with chips are also referred to as smart keys or getting a new car key cut transponder keys. They have electronics that must be verified before they are able to open doors or start engines. A dealer will often charge between $150 to $300 for a new key that has both the key fob and a new transponder chip.

If you lose your keyless entry keys or if the battery in your key fob goes out, it can be costly to replace the keys. Keyless entry keys are available in most modern cars. They work by sending a message from the key fob into an internal receiver in your car. The car locks or unlocks the car based on the signal. It also opens the hatch and trunk when the key is in close proximity to the receiver.


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