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"Sorry, Chairman Lin, this child is spoiled by me, forgot to introduce myself, my name is Anruk, is a..". Is a mecha sub-armor senior engineer. "His father hesitated for a moment and introduced himself.". However, this introduction is to let Lin Cong obviously stupefied, senior engineers and engineers do not look at the difference of only two words, but this weight and the gap is very large. Such talent is simply can not be met, did not expect, today actually took the initiative to come to the door. Lin Cong really has to admire himself, luck is not generally good ah! "Well, my father is very powerful, huh?" Angel said with a proud chin and a triumphant look on her face. Lin Cong smiled and said, "Yes, yes, it's really great!"! Uncle Anruk, don't you know why you came here today? "In the middle of the conversation, Lin Cong began to figure out the purpose of his visit. According to his original calculation, the three of them earned no less money from selling flowers every day than from work. Didn't you come here today to go to yourself?"? "Well.." Anruk looked at Andy hesitantly, gritted his teeth and said, "I want to find a job in your company to support my two children.." "Welcome, absolutely welcome!"! Haha,warehousing storage solutions, Uncle Anruk, you are really a timely rain, now our company is short of talents to join, your arrival is really gratifying to me! When Lin Cong saw Anruk hesitating, he quickly took over the words and interrupted. He also knew that people like this must be in their own hands, otherwise they would lose twice in the hands of others! "Hum, flatterer, see my father is a senior engineer, busy to please him,heavy duty rack manufacturers, really..". Mmm "Angel's mouth always seems to be not very forgiving, just because Lin Cong jokingly shaved her nose, he immediately turned against her.". As a result, Lin Cong just finished, she did not give a little face, directly to Lin Cong put on a flatterer's hat, which makes Lin Cong really feel depressed, embarrassed to stand there, do not know what to do. Fortunately, Anruk quickly covered her mouth, which prevented her from saying worse words. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Chairman Lin. My daughter was spoiled by me and bumped into you. I'm really sorry. "Never mind, ha ha, the little girl's tongue is clever, but she is very likable.". Now the company is off duty. Uncle, push back racking system ,wire mesh decking, you can come to work in the company tomorrow. Don't go back to the small room. I will arrange a dormitory for you in the company. This is more convenient. I will ask someone to explain the salary to you tomorrow. Tomorrow you go directly to the personnel department to report on the line.. "Lin Cong is not too mind, to tell the truth, this cute, and everywhere tricky little girl really let people like." Oh, okay. Anruk did not expect Lin Cong to so readily agreed to come down, but also to arrange their own accommodation, the heart breathed a sigh of relief, began some nervous face also eased down. If he hadn't been forced by his daughter, he wouldn't have come here if there hadn't been those things at home. But now it seems that coming to Lin Cong is really a wise choice. By the way, don't Angie and Andy go to school? Lin Cong asked curiously. Angie is now in the second grade of primary school, and Andy has stopped studying.. "Anruk answered truthfully." Oh, it's like this. Oh, did you have dinner tonight? If you don't mind, let's go out for a meal together. It's also my welcome to your uncle. Lin Cong looked at their family of three, suddenly felt some sad feeling, although this sudden feeling also made him very confused, but it was only a moment, after a little adjustment of the mood, Lin Cong smiled and invited. "How dare you.." Anruk said with some embarrassment. " Haha, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. When you get to the company, you can be your own home. Lin Cong laughed and said very calmly. Angel rolled her eyes and struggled fiercely. She broke out of Anruk's arms and jumped directly to the ground. She grabbed Lin Cong's sleeve and said with a smirk, "Are you very rich?" Lin Cong looked at Anruk in astonishment. He crouched down and replied with a smile, "It's a little money, but it's not much." Haha, as long as you have money, as long as you have more, you don't need much. Let me see, since it's a welcome for my father to join your company, it should be more grand, right. Let me think I've always wanted to go to the Sky City Hotel. Wow, it looks so beautiful. "Angel chattered with a look of longing.". Lin Cong's heart is fierce a tight, the heart secretly scolded: "I am not too unlucky, the company originally has an untouchable vampire, this ran a small vampire!"! If the two of them are left alone, they will not eat themselves out of poverty. However, now that she has brought it up today, she, the "rich man" who is both an adult and the chairman of the company, can not be perfunctory in the past, but can only take out a handful of money in pain. I "Angel, it's getting worse and worse. Shut up and stay honest!" Anruk noticed a slight discoloration on Lin Cong's face and whispered. Ha-ha, it's all right. It seems that you really want to go to that hotel, don't you? Lin Cong hurriedly shook his head to indicate that it didn't matter, and then said to Angel, who was looking forward to it. En, special, very, absolutely want to, there is really beautiful ah, I have not been to, just standing on the ground looking up to feel very beautiful,cantilever racking system, it is like a dream. I stand down and watch it for ten minutes every day at school. Angel nodded hard and looked at Lin Cong expectantly. OK! Then it's decided. Shall we go there for dinner? Lin Cong gritted his teeth and made up his mind to say. Yes, hooray! I know you are a good man at a glance, and now I allow you to touch me! 。 


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