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A Cai-Phoenix Mistake: Substitute for the Abandoned Concubine

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His subordinates are not there, that means there is a problem, and the root of the problem lies in the body of the four people below, the eyes of the ghost emperor flashed a touch of vicious color, speeding up the speed of descent, toward the East Ningxin and Snow Day Ao. This Zhongzhou, no one is his ghost emperor's opponent, this Zhongzhou no one can arrogantly climb on his head, this world no one can stop his determination to unify Zhongzhou. The ghost emperor took a contemptuous look at Dongfang Ningxin and Xuetian Ao, especially when he saw what looked like a mechanism in front of them, he laughed insolently: "Dongfang Ningxin, Xuetian Ao, today the Japanese emperor will let you understand how vulnerable your small means are in the face of absolute strength.". It is up to you to open the way for the emperor to unify Zhongzhou, and it is up to your death to witness the new chapter of Zhongzhou. Text 643 is frozen in the sea with you! With a whoosh, the True Qi of the seventh rank of the God, without a trace of softness, all hit Dongfang Ningxin and Xuetian Ao, and the ghost emperor wanted to kill Dongfang Ningxin and Xuetian Ao. Dongfang Ningxin is not anxious to see the ghost emperor standing in the air, not in the attack range of the rainstorm pear flower needle, slowly raised a pair of purple eyes to meet the ghost emperor, easily defused the attack of the ghost emperor. The legendary demon pupil? In Zhongzhou? The ghost emperor looked at the purple eyes of Dongfang Ningxin,heavy duty cantilever racks, his eyes shining with greed, put away the attack of True Qi, and rushed directly to Dongfang Ningxin and Xuetian Ao. The demon pupil was immune to the attack of True Qi, so what about the physical attack of close body? The ghost emperor pressed down the greed in his heart and gathered his strength to prepare for the main attack on Dongfang Ningxin. He wanted Dongfang Ningxin's life, and he also wanted the pair of purple eyes. Bang.. Before the ghost emperor arrived in front of Dongfang Ningxin, the accident happened. Ten rainstorm pear flower needles exploded at the same time under the control of Xuetian Ao. Two hundred and eighty pear flower needles shot into the air together, like a big net. What the hell is this? Dongfang Ningxin four people's ears came the voice of the ghost emperor's exasperation, as well as the voice of True Qi blocking the attack,industrial racking systems, but this is the rainstorm pear flower needle, once launched, it will never change the orbit. The attack of the pear flower needle in the rainstorm made the ghost emperor tired of coping with it. Several parts of his body were pierced by the pear flower needle. With his strong True Qi, he was forced out, but when the ghost emperor was preparing to fight back in anger, "bang.." The loud noise came again. The palm thunder exploded, the ghost emperor had sequelae because of the rainstorm pear flower needle, and jumped up at the first moment of the palm thunder explosion. Boundless, standing in the corner is like calculating the action of the ghost emperor, when the ghost emperor acts, the evil sword breaks away from the boundless palm, under the control of the boundless attack behind the ghost emperor. "Kill.." Exorcising the evil spirit of the sword and the murderous look of the boundless, the ghost emperor felt bad and turned around to run, but where would the little dragon on the same side of the boundless let him go. At the moment when the rainstorm pear flower needle shot out, the little dragon took advantage of the chaos to turn into a silver dragon and cooperated with the boundless tacit understanding. At the moment when the ghost emperor jumped up, heavy duty cantilever racks ,mobile racking systems, the dragon claw rushed towards the ghost emperor. Dragon? A series of changes, hit the ghost emperor can not resist, a link of calculation, so that the ghost emperor in a hurry. The smoke created by the thunder in the palm of the hand, together with the illusory needle that kept popping up in the heart of the East, made the ghost emperor unable to calm down to see what was wrong with the dragon in front of him, only to see the silver dragon body of the little dragon instinctively dodge. On the one hand, he had to avoid the illusory needle of Dongfang Ningxin, and he could not compete with Shenlong head-on. Behind him, there was a sword shooting straight at him. The only exit of the ghost emperor was the position of Xuetian Ao Shou. But is it so easy to rush out in front of Xue Tianao? In its heyday, the Ghost Emperor and the Snow Sky Ao competed head-on, perhaps they could fight the Snow Sky Ao without defense, but they were besieged by four people uninterruptedly, and the Ghost Emperor was injured again, so they could not concentrate on the True Qi to deal with the Snow Day Ao at all. Although the rainstorm pear flower needle and palm thunder can not kill the ghost emperor, can not hurt the root of the ghost emperor, but this power also let the ghost emperor suffer enough, when the first reaction of the ghost is ready to rush out from the front of Xuetian Ao, Xuetian Ao's mouth raised a confident and sarcastic smile. "Ice Cold Shield." With a thump, the sea stirred up a bunch of spray, and good fell in front of the ghost emperor, thick ice directly blocked the way of the ghost emperor, if the ghost emperor at this time condensed the True Qi toward the ice shield may be able to break, but too late. "Sniff.." In such a slow time, the boundless sword of exorcism sank directly into the back of the ghost emperor, and the claws of the little dragon caught a large piece of flesh of the ghost emperor without hesitation. You bastards.. Boom. The ghost emperor was so angry that he broke the ice shield in front of him directly with his fist, and at the same time pulled out the evil sword that pierced his back. It's an artifact. The ghost emperor originally pale face, at this time more ugly can not see, ferociously staring at the front of the East Ningxin and snow pride, the ghost emperor in the heart that is called a regret. It's all because he's too arrogant. If he didn't think he was invincible in Zhongzhou, the seventh-order master of God, and didn't care about the small plot, how could he catch the way of Xuetian Ao and Dongfang Ningxin, and be beaten without a chance to fight back. Ghost Emperor, I want your life. Xuetian Ao ignored the ghost emperor's livid face, the sword in his hand drew an arc of light from front to back, only to see the calm sea under ten thousand meters suddenly roared, arrogant as the king came. "Seal.." The sea water, under the use of the True Qi of Snow Sky Ao, bounced up directly from the sea and rushed to the ghost emperor. The skill of the God is very good. He really has the power to challenge the emperor. Do you think he can hurt the emperor with the low-level skill of the God? The ghost emperor threw the evil sword in his hand to the sea, ignoring the bloody left arm and back, ignoring the attack of the little dragon and the Eastern Ningxin, dignified True Qi. "All souls come out." Hum. As soon as the sword of exorcism bounced back from the sea to the boundless hand, the sky they were in immediately turned into a dark one, and a black gas fell from the sky, enveloping the four people of Dongfang Ningxin and Xuetian Ao, together with the ghost emperor. Ha ha ha,warehouse pallet racks, the emperor spent thousands of years to condense 999000 evil souls, refining the soul array, the emperor to see how you deal with. "Be careful.." 。 jracking.com 


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