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The dumb wife is as sweet as honey & strong lock marriage: Fu Shao's d…

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The age of twenty-eight is the time when a flower blooms completely and is the most beautiful. With the last bit of youth and agility of a little woman, she began to have the mature charm left by experience, just like a jar of peach blossom wine, which has been smelling for the first time. She has a delicate face, even without makeup also shows a charm, bright eyes and a clear spirit, the most important thing is that she has a gentle he can not stand. He thought that even in another ten, twenty or thirty years, he would continue to be intoxicated with her. Fu Zhengnan's fingers slowly rubbed her delicate skin, watching her eat cheese one mouthful at a time. The white cream fell on her red lips. He lowered his head, pecked her lips, rubbed her hair and said, "Didn't you say you got fat after eating?" The woman looked at Shuiguang Liangyan and said, "I forgot to say that the old man is attractive and rich." He's still got stamina, and you're gonna help me burn off those calories, aren't you? Eyes flow, slender fingers in the chest circle, with a milky tone slowly said, can make a man's bones are crisp. Fu Zhengnan laughed, and the fine lines in the corners of his eyes squeezed out, but added to the charm of a mature man. He picked up the body lotion, squeezed out a new ball,fish measuring tape, rubbed it in the palm of his hand, and slowly snaked up her arm, down her neck, and into her collar. I don't remember rubbing it here, do I? …… Fu Hanchuan stopped before he completely lost control, sent Su Xiang back to the hospital, and then drove back by himself. At this time, the car stopped halfway. Fu Hanchuan put his elbow on the window, holding a cigarette between his fingers,Fiberglass tape measure, which had been burning for a long time, and rubbed his lips with his other hand. As if there was still the woman's softness and warmth on it. He narrowed his eyes slightly. What the hell? Why did he kiss her? Over the years, he vented his physical desire for a man on her, but never touched her lips. The only two times she kissed him on her own initiative, he was not very happy that time. On another occasion, she rebelled against him and tried to spit out the medicine he had given her. Those two times were totally unreasonable, and they were not kisses at all. But this time.. The beautiful little face appeared again in front of my eyes. The watery eyes are as calm as a lake, and a plump lip opens slightly, just like a flower blooming in the night waiting for someone to pick it. Fu Hanchuan shook his head and shook the little face away. He took a hard puff of smoke, and the faint smell of tobacco washed away the sweet smell she left behind. The moonlight outside was so good, he thought, that it must be all the moon's fault. People who have wives and sons are different. The mobile phone rang suddenly, interrupted his meditation, Fu Hanchuan flicked the ash, directly under the speakerphone, Fish measuring board ,tape measure clip, Pei Xian's voice came from the inside of the mobile phone. Where is it? "Go home." "Why are you going home? Come to Moye. We're all here." Mo Feitong's voice came out again, probably because he grabbed Pei Xian's cell phone. Fu Hanchuan squinted at his cell phone and said lazily, "Why did you go to the desert?" "Why do you ask so much? It's up to you whether you come or not. Hang up." With that, he hung up the phone, and Fu Hanchuan glanced at the time on his cell phone. There was nothing to do when he went back at this time, so he threw away his cigarette butt and drove to the desert. Moye is a barbeque restaurant in a Mongolian yurt, famous for its roast whole sheep. There are also Mongolian singing in it. At night, the melodious vocal music of horse-headed fiddle floats over the bonfire, which has the flavor of grassland. There is a horse farm there, and if you go to play during the day, you can also ride a horse for a walk. When Fu Hanchuan arrived, the whole roast sheep was just cooked and carried into a yurt. Opening the door curtain, the noise of the crowd inside came with the heat wave of the stove. There were a lot of people. The group of people who used to play together were all there. When they saw the whole roast sheep coming in, a large group of people made a lot of noise and drowned out the sound of the horse-headed fiddle. Fu Hanchuan, this way. As soon as Chen Chen looked up and saw him, he beckoned Fu Hanchuan to sit down with her and Lu Weiqi. Next to Lu Weiqi, there was an empty seat with two women's bags and scarves and overcoats. Chen Chen picked them up and put them on a row of shelves in the back. When she turned around, she saw Fu Hanchuan walking over to Pei Xian. Chen Chen returned to his seat and pushed Lu Weiqi. "Why didn't you ask him to come over?" Lu Weiqi smiled, did not say anything, at this time, Liang Yihui came with a plate in his hand, with the best piece of mutton on it. Chen Chen is not good to say what, see that roast golden mutton, will take the hand to eat, Liang Yihui's hand shrinks back, Chen Chen threw an empty. Without waiting for Chen Chen to say anything, Liang Yihui pinned his head on the roast sheep over there and said, "If you want to eat, go and get it yourself." Chen Chen glared at him, bared his teeth at him, and ran over to divide the mutton. On the other side, Fu Hanchuan saw Pei Xian and went straight over and sat down in the empty seat next to Pei Xian. Why did you think of coming here? I haven't been here for a long time. When Fu Hanchuan was still playing racing, this was a place where he often came. At that time, everyone loved to play. This place was empty, and everyone was like a wild horse that could not be tied up. Later, however, the frequented place became 1988 or the villa in the suburbs of Mofei, and later, even 1988 was not visited very much. Chen Chen took the mutton to come over, just heard Fu Hanchuan's words, said: "That is you do not come, this place, we can often come." There is a winding mountain road nearby, where racing drivers often practice driving. Liang Yihui, who is still playing racing, relaxes here after practicing. By the way, I told you to sit down with us just now. Why didn't you come? Fu Hanchuan smiled: "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you." Chen Chen curled his lips, wondering if he really didn't hear it, or if he didn't hear it. But she quickly laughed again,Pi tape measure, pointing to Liang Yihui, who was drinking with others at the moment, and said in high spirits: "Yihui won the first place in the group match today and was promoted smoothly." 。 


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