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Gu Jin rolled his eyes and said, "Are you happy with me long ago? Is this a token of love for me?" Unable to meditate any longer, Ji Yi got up from the bed and glanced at Gu Jin. "Nonsense." Gu Jin also followed down: "Then what on earth are you doing with this ugly thing that has no sense of beauty?" Ji Yi: "… …" A little red bell on the yellow line, on the woman's white skin, the woman's skeleton is very small, beautiful and incredible. There was what she said in her mouth, which had no sense of beauty and was ugly. Ji Yi and Gu Jin simply had another impression: they were shameless, chattering, talking nonsense, and being importunate. Gu Jin sighed: "I have said, you can not melt me, why not let me go, hello, hello, everyone." It's better not to say yes forever, or the good feeling will not go up. Gu Jin narrowed his eyes, for such a cold person, it is not possible without some special methods. If he likes to be quiet, she will give him a feast of language. See if you remember me. Quiet lips: "Have time to say these useless,collapsible bulk containers, it is better to own the obsession scattered, I will let you go." Gu Jin rolled his eyes and said with a malicious attitude, "Didn't I tell you yesterday?"? I have so many obsessions, unless you give me those things one by one, maybe, once I think about it, I will be reincarnated. "What do you want?" Silence glanced faintly. With a smile on his face,ibc spill containment pallet, Gu Jin twisted up his skirt and turned around. His clothes were shabby and decaying: "I've been wearing this dress for more than ten years. I'm tired of it. You can beg for a suit of clothes for me." Ji Yi: "… …" He decided to ignore her. "All girls love beauty. Although I am a ghost, I am still a girl." "And I'm telling you the truth. This dress has been with me for more than ten years. It was this when I died. It was originally a wedding dress, but can you see that it's a wedding dress?" "You're a monk. How can you tell?" Gu Jin looked sad and slowly turned around: "Forget it." Anyway, a wooden man like you won't understand. Ji Yi stroked his forehead and said, "If you are given clothes, don't be insatiable, don't chatter, don't make trouble out of nothing, and don't be importunate." This is probably the longest sentence he has ever said, which shows how hard he has endured in one day. Gu Jin successfully smiled, controlled his expression, and suddenly nodded: "I want red, and I don't want anything else." Silence lowered his eyes and said in a faint voice, ibc spill pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, "I know." Gu Jin looked at the one who went out and suddenly turned around to avoid the sun coming in: "Where are you going?"? Don't you take me with you? Section 5 The Law of Being Safe in the World (V) Half of the silence turned around. "Stay at ease. Don't act foolishly." He closed the door and left. Gu Jin pouted as if she would get him into trouble. What's more, she can't get out of the hot sun. Gu Jin hung in the air and began to visit Ji Yi's room in boredom. I found that besides the bed for meditation, there was also a bookshelf full of Buddhist texts. Gu Jin dare not touch, after all, she is now a ghost, who knows that thing will not have any harm to her. Squeak- "" The sound of the door opening made Gu Jin's eyes smile and turn around quickly: "Dead Wood, you're back.." The voice suddenly stopped, and Gu Jin looked at the little monk. Forgotten language also blinked his eyes, and looked at the floating in the air of Gu Jin, glimmer refraction in the woman's body, there is no shadow. With a thump in his heart, he rubbed his eyes with his hands and found that there was still no shadow. He shouted at the top of his voice: "Ghost.." Then he forgot to close the door, and his feet disappeared in an instant like a small motor. Gu Jin's outstretched hand stopped in midair and hid in the shadows. It took him half a ring to say what he wanted to say: "Close the door." This side Gu Jin did not dare to move, the sun shone in the room, leaving only a small area for her to perch. But as time goes by, the sun will rise higher and higher, and then she will have no place to stay. Dead wood, come back quickly. Silence a walk in the busy street, looking at the beautiful pavilion, silent or stepped in. The shopkeeper looked at the figure of Ji Yi and immediately greeted him: "Master Ji Yi." Silence looked at the shopkeeper without expression and said, "Almsgiver, there must be something good coming in the near future. Just remember to kill these days." The shopkeeper was a little excited. His only wish was to have a son, but even if he married eight concubines, he still couldn't have a son. The shopkeeper rubbed his hands. "What the master means …" It's me Will you have a son? "The secret of heaven must not be revealed. Almsgiver, remember not to kill." Silence a light eyes, a pair of superior appearance. The shopkeeper was overjoyed, and his words were always accurate. This was an ironclad thing for him. How could he not be happy? He immediately waved to the waiter: "Pack a hundred taels of silver for the master, which is the sesame oil money I gave to the Wuliang Temple." Ji Yi shook his head and his eyes fell on the cut red dress. "I've been doing something recently. I need to cross over a woman. I need a red dress." The shopkeeper understood in an instant and hurriedly took down the dress and handed it to Ji Yi: "The master needs it, and the shop is duty-bound." "It happened that there was another set in the storehouse, called Nishang Feather Clothes, which was brought to the master." Silence nodded, but the heart is a sigh of relief. Every month, he would tell fortunes for everyone on Chang'an Avenue, helping people turn bad luck into good luck. Fortunately, the shopkeeper had accumulated good luck on weekdays, so what he said was not a revelation. The running hall moved quickly, wrapped the two sets of clothes in an instant, and handed them to Ji Yi with both hands. He reached out and took it, but was stopped by the shopkeeper. This hundred taels of silver is a small token of my heart to serve the Bodhisattva, and I hope the Master will fulfill it. Ji put his hands together and said, "Amitabha." Forgetting words, he went back to his room and took the yellow amulet and the beads. He looked at Gu Jin, who was shrinking at one foot,drum spill pallet, and shouted, "Evil spirits, don't be captured without a fight." Gu Jin blinked and rolled his eyes. The child has been poisoned by tea and has become like this. binpallet.com 


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