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Haohan Wuyan nodded and said, "I'm not threatening you. I just want to say that you just need to do it. And you need to know that I'm not threatening you. You can see now that your strength is far from defeating me. So you must help me. After completing this task, you will receive my greatest gift!" Xia Feng is speechless! "And remember, what I need you to do is very simple, that is, to help me find biochemical beads in the future world, and I will give you the greatest gift!" Vast and smokeless, then disappeared directly in front of the summer wind. His voice did not disperse for a long time, leaving a face of inexplicable summer wind, how can it be like this? Didn't he want to kill himself? How did it become like this? Biochemical beads? "What's the matter with you, Brother Feng?" Xianer asked in Xia Feng's mind. Shaking his head, Xia Feng thought he was a master in the real world now, but today when he met the vast smokeless, he realized that there was a day outside the sky, and when he faced him, he could only rely on that invincible skill for thirty seconds, which was too ironic. His own attack was actually his countless defense, just if not four teeth burst, it is estimated that the two hundred percent of the skills will have an accident. Flowers fall, I am too arrogant! Xia Feng muttered to himself. Xianer giggled and said, "Brother Feng, you don't have to blame yourself. You are no match for him. No one in the world is his match yet!" Xia Feng is surprised again,pumpkin seed extract, what does it mean that he is not his opponent, and that no one in the world is his opponent, then he is not crazy? "Brother Feng, he is not a man, not a man of your world!" Xianer suddenly said, so that the summer wind shocked inexplicably. Xia Feng was stunned when he heard this. He was not a person in this world? What is it? "What are you talking about?"? Do you mean that he is not a person in our world, or that he is not a person in the real world or in our real world? Xia Feng hurriedly asked, the vast smokeless impact on Xia Feng is too great,turmeric extract powder, if he is not a person in this world, why would he be on the list? Xianer paused and said, "Yes, he is not from the same world as you. To be exact, he is not from your real world. But he appeared in the real world. Brother Feng, did you feel very painful when you were hit by him just now?" "Yes, it seems to be in the real world, and there is a kind of pressure to resist!" Xia Feng said to open the equipment to look at his chest, where a large piece of blood appears, which makes Xia Feng even more strange, in the "real world" are data, so after the attack is the kind of damage value appears, even if the pain is set very high will not appear such a thing. Chapter 73 the leader of the bandits. Chapter 73 the leader of the bandits. "If so, he should come from the future world, and also have the ability to cross the future world and the real world like you. Just now you met him and you were doomed to meet directly in reality. The injuries you suffered are basically linked to reality, and the biochemical beads he said just now are a kind of thing in the future world." If there is no mistake, saw palmetto extract ,phycocyanin spirulina, he should be a man from the future world! Xianer said, in fact, she could not be sure, just when the vast smokeless appeared, Xianer had already felt something was wrong, but did not know what was going on, now listen to Xia Feng said that his pain was the same as reality. How did this happen? Then how come his rank is on the leaderboard? Xia Feng asked. This question really makes Xia Feng very depressed, if he is not a player, then how can the level appear? And why did he come to this world? Is it just to find yourself? "Brother Feng, I can't answer this now, but what I want to say is that he may have come to the real world and can't go back, that is to say, now he can only stay in the real world, and the biochemical beads he just said should be to use this to return to the future world.". ” Xia Feng shook his head, this real world inside the things more and more people can not figure out, the future of the world can come here, but can not go back, this is what is going on? And before I went to the future world, I also heard Xianer say that the second seal of Yuhuang Shenjian needs to be found in the future world. All of everything will stir up the summer wind's train of thought "chaos". When Xia Feng couldn't figure it out, the intercom suddenly rang. When it was connected, it was found to be a planetesimal. Boss, come to the Forbidden City. Tears are coming in! The voice of the Star Child was very excited, and you could hear that he was very happy now. You boy want me to die, now I am being hunted all over the world, will go, you first arrange the tears, I will come later! Xia Feng finished and hung up the intercom, but immediately found that what I then came, inconsistent. What should I do when I look at my more than two hundred sins? Now to pick up the task certainly not, they have not entered the city will be caught by those guards, it seems that only the monster brush sin value ah. In the real world, if you have a sin value, you can go to those players who have a sin value to carry out the task, and then after success, how much sin value the other side has will wash away how much sin value for you. Another way is to find a monster that is higher than your own level to brush the monster. Generally speaking, it is ten levels higher than your own level. Every ten monsters reduce a little sin. This method is undoubtedly a waste of money and time to brush the evil method, in short, the final benefit is the real world, now in addition to this what can I do? That is to say, when you meet Xia Feng, you should know who can kill a monster ten levels higher than yourself? Single combat is almost impossible, the arrangement of the real world is very balanced, every ten levels there will be a watershed, 30 level monsters are like Xia Feng in Leiyan Cave, if not for some abnormal skills, they simply can not kill more than 40 level monsters! Looking around, the summer wind went up directly, here is the mountain thief's refresh point, outside is a level 30 monster,lutein eye complex, these have no meaning for the summer wind, even if they upgrade themselves will not find the same level of monster. Besides, you have to find a level 40 monster now. 


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