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The trees of the Demon Forest began to fall in pieces, from the space passage to the edge of the Demon Forest, but in a moment, a road about forty or fifty meters wide appeared. The dark warrior, about two meters tall, dressed in black armor and holding a black two-handed epee, walked out of the Demon Forest with neat steps. Ye Lin stood on the wall and looked down, only to see a dark warrior, like a black cloud! At a rough estimate, the number of dark warriors is at least one thousand. Moreover, no one knows whether there will be dark warriors coming out of the space passage. At this time, good baby, Tongtong, star sugar, little master, bell and other core members of the rain alliance, heard the news and rushed to the wall. Looking at the dark warrior coming forward, everyone's heart was beating fast, as if they had just finished the 100-meter sprint. Big Sister, are the Demons going to attack our Demon City? The good baby stammered a little because he was too nervous. With a wry smile, Ye Lin said,eye cream packing tube, "Anyway, they're definitely not here for sightseeing." Chapter 386 war! (I) In the middle of the space passage, it was not the dark warrior who came out at this time, but the bear man who was nearly three meters tall. The bear-man belongs to the orcs of the Demons. He has brown hair and holds a huge mace in his hand. Bearman's long range attack power is almost zero, but their close combat ability is excellent. Especially after the war shaman's auxiliary skills, their close combat ability will be very terrible. There were about a thousand bearfolk, and they walked out of the Demon Forest and stood in front of the Dark Knight. Nearly three meters tall,polyfoil tube, from a distance, like a wall! After the bear man, the fox man came out of the space passage. The appearance of the fox man is not much different from that of human beings, except that he has a fiery red fox tail. Unlike the Bearmen, the Foxmen do not have excellent melee abilities. However, they have a good long-range attack capability. The fox man's long-range attack ability is very different from that of the mage. Mages release magic for ranged attacks, while foxmen's ranged attacks are not magic, but their talents and skills. Although the power is not as powerful as the magic released by the mage, the speed of release is extremely fast. The number of fox people is also about one. About a thousand They stood behind the dark warriors, apparently because they were too weak to stand in front of them. Berserk Mage, one of the three main forces of the Demons.. Also came out of the space channel. 。 Berserker Mages are only about 1.5 meters tall and wear red robes with hats on top of their heads, making it difficult to see their faces. The staff of the rage mages is very unique. Their staff is also red. I don't know what material they are made of. The number of rage mages is smaller, about only. There are two or three hundred 。 However, the threat posed by two or three hundred rage mages is far above the bear and fox people. As one of the three main forces of the Demons, the fury mage is quite powerful. Ye Lin stood on the wall with a more dignified expression. The three masters of the Demons. Force This time has come. Second, cosmetic tube ,plastic laminted tube, I'm afraid this battle is not so easy to fight. The other members of the Rain League are also frowning one by one, this time right. War Demons But it's much more powerful than the last monster siege. Although the strength of the rain alliance now is different from before, but the hearts of the women still have no bottom. There is no war shaman in the space channel, which makes Ye Lin. He breathed a sigh of relief. 。 Although the war shaman's own strength is not strong, it can enhance the strength of others and play a considerable role in large-scale wars. Suddenly, three times in a row. The sound of dragon singing sounded. In the middle of the space passage, three magic dragons flew out at a time! Ye Lin this depressed ah, well, the war shaman did not appear, but there is a magic dragon that is more headache than the war shaman! However, the space channel is still not closed at this time. Following the three-headed magic dragon, more than a dozen birders with a pair of black wings appeared. This bird man with black wings is a fallen angel! Ye Lin shook her head with a wry smile and said to herself, "This is good. All the people who should come are here!" What should have come has come, what should not have come. I'm here too. More than a dozen fallen angels flew out of the space passage, and behind them, countless skeleton soldiers came out. At a rough estimate, there are at least tens of thousands of skeleton soldiers! At this time, Roraman led the Black Unicorn, the Black Phoenix, Lollard, Vossat and Marat to the wall. Eh? Why did you come to such a little Demon? Rolaman glanced in the direction of the Demon Forest and said doubtfully. Lollard nodded slightly and said, "Yes, can it be said that the population of the Demons has not increased over the years, but has declined?" After listening to the words of Loraman and Lolard, Ye Lin had an impulse to vomit blood. About a thousand dark warriors, about a thousand bear people, about a thousand fox people, three magic dragons, more than a dozen fallen angels, tens of thousands of skeleton soldiers, this number is still small? Any more, there's no way to fight this war! Black Kirin seemed to know what Ye Lin was thinking. He smiled and said, "Blue Rain, Lollam and Lolard are right. If there are only so many Demons, we can win this battle easily." "Really?" Ye Lin some can not believe, more than ten thousand Demons, the strength has been quite strong, how can easily win? Lollard said with a smile, "Of course it's true. There are only so many Demons. We can destroy at least half of them.". You and everyone can't handle the rest? Ye Lin listened to this, originally should relax, but somehow, she is now more worried. The Demons have completed the rectification in front of the Demon Forest and begin to walk towards the Demon City. At the front, there are tens of thousands of skeleton soldiers, followed by about one thousand bear men, followed by dark warriors, then fox men,cosmetic tube packaging, and the rage mage at the end. Three magic dragons, flying in the air, are in the center of the army. More than a dozen fallen angels were flying above the skeleton soldiers. Ye Lin shook her head. It's no use thinking about that now. The battle is about to begin. Let's fight first. 


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